FEI Eventing Officials Education System 2023

14 February 2023

FEI Eventing Officials Education System 2023

The new 2023 Eventing Officials Education System was published on 26 August 2022 for implementation on 1 January 2023. The development and review of the Education concept involved a large number of working groups and as for all major transitions, the ramifications are complex. The new Education system for Eventing Officials will be closely monitored during the first years, to understand its impact on the sport and if improvements are needed.

The Eventing Committee and the dedicated Working Group agreed to share the considerations which lead to the development of the updated Education system for Eventing Officials, for transparency and easier comprehension.

1. Objectives

  • The objective of the Four Level Education system is to provide a fair worldwide system based on competencies.
  • The alignment with other sports, and FEI Officials & disciplines is a priority.
  • The overall philosophy and concept are fundamental elements aiming to educate and engage new Officials from national level to progress up to the highest level.
  • The FEI Officials Lists are based on a rolling process updated regularly, taking into account the transfer-up and maintenance requirements. The process integrates experience, knowledge and proven expertise in the field of play to establish objective evaluations.

2. Transition period
A Transition year has been integrated in the overall system to ensure a successful introduction until 14 December 2023: it applies specifically to the two new levels: Level 1 (L1) and Level 4 (L4) Officials.

This includes:

  1. All Level 3 Officials (Judges, TDs and CDs) are allowed to officiate as L4 Officials during the transition period.
  2. National officials are still allowed to officiate at CCIs, as detailed in art. 513.1 onwards
  3. As of January 01, only Stewards can be confirmed L4 due to the implementation of the new Education System (FEI Eventing Officials list).
  4. The level 4 lists for Judges/TD/Course Designers will be published and updated during the course of the year in the FEI Eventing Officials list once the status has been confirmed– see 3.2 below  

3. Clarifications on Officials Roles & Levels at Events:
Further to the many questions received, we wish to clarify the following points:

3.1 New Level 1:

  1. Assistant Technical Delegates: National Assistant TD may be appointed as Assistant TD for all categories of events until December 2023.  

3.2 New Level 4:
The number of Games, Championships and 5* events in the discipline of Eventing requiring Level 4 Officials is limited. This level of events represent 1% of the total number of Eventing events organised per year. Only the President of Ground Jury, Technical Delegate, Course Designer and Chief Steward are required to hold a L4 status.

  1. L3 Officials who met the L4 transfer requirements by 31.12.2022 will be contacted individually by the Eventing Department to confirm their interest in transferring to L4. The online examination and interview will be organised in accordance during 2023 for the transfer to L4. The in-person course at FEI HQ will be organised in 2023-2024.

 4. Requirement as of 01 January 2024:

  1. National Officials will not be able to officiate at CCIs.
  1. Level 3 officials allowed to officiate as detailed in art. 513.1 onwards
  1. Level 4 officials must be appointed as Pdt, TD or CD at CCI5*, CHs and Games, as detailed in art. 513.3 & 513.5  

5. Additional Information
For additional information, please refer to Eventing Education webinar replay and the Q&A document.

All Officials or NF Officials Education Responsible can contact the Eventing Department eventingofficials@fei.org if any further questions or clarifications are needed.