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A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

FEI Endurance World Championship 2022

FEI Eventing & Driving World Championships 2022, Pratoni (ITA)

PARIS 2024


#MyDreamJump Challenge

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A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

Equestrian world pays homage to the late Queen…

“Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was a true horsewoman and a fervent advocate of equestrian sports throughout her life and reign. Her passion and Her understanding of horses was remarkable, and alongside Her late husband, former FEI President Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and their children and grandchildren, She promoted the values of horsemanship widely. It was an honour for the FEI to present The Queen with the first Lifetime Achievement Award in November 2014 for Her devotion and immeasurable contribution to the equestrian landscape.

“The FEI extends its deepest sympathy to the British Royal Family and joins the equestrian community in mourning the loss of this remarkable lady.”

FEI President Ingmar De Vos

Read the full article here.


FEI re-opens bidding process for FEI Endurance World Championships 2022

As mentioned in the Press Release issued on 9 September 2022, the FEI Board decided, during its teleconference meeting on 8 September 2022, to re-open the bid process for the FEI Endurance World Championship 2022 (“The Championship”). Please find below an overview of the relevant information concerning the bid process.

1. Timeline

Monday 12 September 2022

Monday 10 october 2022

10 October to 9 November 2022

Thursday 10 November 2022

Opening of the Bid Process.

Deadline for submission/presentation of bids.

Review of the bids received by the FEI & Consultation with the FEI Endurance Committee and, where necessary, direct follow up with the bidders/bidders NF, provision of draft Host Agreement.

Discussion of the bids by the FEI Board and potential allocation by the FEI Board of the Championship (subject to signature by the relevant National Federation and Organising Committee of the Host Agreement).

2. Essential requirements 

  • The potential Organiser (OC)/proposed venue must have successfully hosted a CEI3* or CEI2* 140 in the past 12 months
  • The FEI Endurance World Championship 2022 shall be held no later than 30 April 2023
  • The OC and/or the National Federation (NF) must guarantee that the Championship shall be accessible to all teams (Athletes, Horses, Support Personnel and Team Officials) that have a right to participate
  • Prize money for the Championship shall be (at least) CHF 55,000

3. Minimum information to be included in the Bid

  • Proposed Date(s)
  • Detailed venue plans: Proposed tracks (detailed maps), venue layout, block plan identifying location of tracks (loops), warm-up/training areas, Stabling (to include details of stables (permanent/temporary), spectator areas, parking, back of house (offices, meeting rooms etc.), VIP area/facilities, broadcast compound, press area)
  • Distance from the proposed venue to the main airport(s)/port(s)
  • Details of the OC structure, leadership team and indication of experience organising major FEI events
  • Confirmation of the person(s) that will be responsible for the sports/technical aspects of the Championship
  • Confirmation that the relevant NF supports the bid and the OC (NF shall act as guarantor of the OC’s financial obligations to the FEI under the Host Agreement)
  • Details on expected climate (heat, humidity, rainfall) and daylight/darkness situation on the proposed date(s)
  • Details on whether an event has been held at the venue on the same/similar dates in the past
  • Name of the proposed Course Designer
  • Proposed Host Broadcaster
  • Details of veterinary facilities
  • Name of the proposed Veterinary Services Manager
  • Medical Plan
  • Details on the visa requirements that will apply to all participants
  • Import/Export of Horses – outline concept of operation for import/export of horses, including transport assumptions, any quarantine requirements, details of National Veterinary Authority (NVA) including details of primary contact and anticipated health status requirements for import/export
  • Logistical information such as: accommodation plan for participants (Teams, Officials, Media, FEI Representatives), proposed location of main hotels, transport plan, etc.
  • Confirmation of availability of sufficient hotel accommodation during the proposed date(s).
  • Details on the estimated overall budget and financial plan (i.e. overview of how the Championship would be financed)

Please note that only the bids containing the above-mentioned minimum information and submitted by OC/NFs meeting the essential requirements will be considered for allocation of the Championship by the FEI Board. The bids can be submitted in any (readable) digital format and must be sent to the email address bidding@fei.org.

If you have any questions, please contact bidding@fei.org


Definite Entries for FEI Eventing World Championship 2022

Ninety combinations representing 27 countries will be competing for individual honours, with 16 of the 37 nations also vying for team medals. To view the Definite Entries, click here.

A detailed preview is available here. 

Definite Entries for FEI Driving World Championship 2022

Thirty-six turnouts representing sixteen countries will be competing for individual honours, with seven of the sixteen nations also vying for team medals. The Definite Entries will be published shortly here.

Don’t miss a beat!

  • Where to watch?


All competitions will be made available live on FEI.tv.



You can watch on your desktop or laptop directly from the website, or download the ClipMyHorse app on iOS and Android for a mobile experience. Many Smart TVs are also supported.

Prefer to watch on a linear channel? The full list of TV broadcasters is available here.

Highlights, including winning rounds, will also be shown on the FEI’s YouTube channel.

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    From Pratoni 2022 (https://pratoni2022.it/) and FEI.org.
    You can also find the FEI on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and FEI YouTube 
  • Press Kit
    A detailed media kit with facts and figures, insights and records will be available here shortly. 
  • Looking for historical facts?
    Find out everything you ever wanted to know from previous FEI Eventing and Driving World Championships and visit the FEI History Hub. With stories, results and insights going back to the first FEI Eventing World Championship in 1966 all the way through to the World Equestrian Games™ from 1990 – 2018, you are bound to find what you are looking for.
  • Reminder – FEI Doping & Medication Control Guide for the FEI World Championships 2022
    We would like to remind you that the FEI Doping & Medication Control Guide for the FEI World Championships 2022 is available in the FEI Clean Sport hub. We have created this guide with the aim of providing all stakeholders with a maximum amount of information and contact points to ensure clean sport and successful Championships. 
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PARIS 2024

Deadline for applications for FEI Olympic Group qualification events

The application deadline for FEI Olympic Group Qualification Events – Paris 2024 is Friday 16 September 2022.

As a reminder, the Paris 2024 Qualification Systems, as approved at the FEI Hybrid General Assembly 2021 in Antwerp (BEL), provides for team quota places for certain FEI Olympic Groups to be allocated at designated “FEI Olympic Group Qualification Events” (the “Qualification Events”).
The FEI Olympic Groups for which Qualification Events will be held are: 

  • FEI Olympic Group C (Central & Eastern Europe, Central Asia)
    • (JumpingEventingDressage
  • FEI Olympic Group F (Africa/Middle East)
    • (Jumping and Eventing (Eventing Qualification Event is combined with the Qualification Event for Group G)).
      • An event for Dressage will only be organised if the quota place for Group F cannot be allocated at the FEI Dressage World Championships 2022, so this bidding process does not apply to the Group F Dressage Qualification Event. 
  • FEI Olympic Group G (South East Asia, Oceania)
    • (Jumping and Eventing (Eventing Qualification Event is combined with the Qualification Event for Group F)).
      • An event for Dressage will only be organised if the quota place for Group F cannot be allocated at the FEI Dressage World Championships 2022 so this bidding process does not apply to the Group G Dressage Qualification Event.  

Bid Process

A bid can be initiated by any interested party by completing and submitting a Bid Application Form to the FEI via the FEI online bidding platform. A detailed Bid Guide, which provides information on the requirements applicable to the Qualification Events, is available on the Bid Platform. The exact composition of the FEI Olympic Groups is also set out in the Bid Guide.

Should you have any questions, please contact bidding@fei.org.


Equine Flu Vaccination

The FEI Board has approved a temporary exemption to the FEI Veterinary Regulations in response to the shortage of vaccines in Europe created by supply issues facing Boehringer Ingelheim, a key producer of equine influenza vaccinations.

At its meeting on Thursday 8 September the FEI decided to extend the booster intervals from six to 12 months in combination with increased disease surveillance and a higher level of general biosecurity.

Currently, Article 1003 of the FEI Veterinary Regulations requires Equine Influenza boosters to be given in the six months (+21 days) leading up to a competition, but not within seven days of arrival at the Event.

With the worldwide temporary derogation approved by the FEI Board in effect from 1 October 2022 to 1 April 2023, horses will be eligible to compete at FEI Events with the most recent booster taken within a period of 12 months, but not within seven days of arrival at the Event. All other requirements of Article 1003 must be fulfilled during this period. 

For more information, please refer to: 

FEI Equine Prohibited Substance List (EPSL)

During the meeting on 8 September, the FEI Board approved the proposed modifications to the list of FEI Equine Prohibited Substances (EPSL). The updated EPSL will be published on the Clean Sport Hub 90 days before it becomes effective.

#MyDreamJump Challenge

Ever dreamt of designing your own jump? Maybe even one that becomes part of one of the most prestigious Jumping events in the world?

The FEI and its Top Partner Longines have created the #MyDreamJump Challenge, an exciting fan engagement activation giving equestrian fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have your original obstacle design built by Longines and featured at the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ Final in Omaha (USA) 4-8 April, 2023. This Challenge is part of the #TimeToBeat promotional campaign for the Longines FEI World Cup™ series, so let’s all celebrate this series together!

Entries for submission close on 09 October 2022, so sharpen your pencils and get drawing! Your design can take any shape or form, as long as you can send us a version digitally in PDF or JPG format.

If you need inspiration, here are some template designs you can use to help you get going.

Further information on the Challenge can be found here: https://mydreamjump.fei.org/


Updates to the FEI Database

Monthly summary on the key changes/updates in the FEI Database with regards to the FEI’s member National Federations. All details can be found on the FEI Database by clicking on each NF’s name listed below:

Please note the new spelling of the Country: Türkiye

The Federation has a new main email address.