Horse Health Requirements – Reminder

07 February 2023

Dear FEI Athletes, Grooms & Associated Persons,

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of the FEI’s Horse Health Requirements, and the necessity to fulfil the Horse Health Requirements via the FEI HorseApp to ensure the maximum safety for all horses competing at international events.

With the northern hemisphere currently in the midst of winter, there is a heightened risk of spreading diseases such as EHV-1, as horses are more likely to spend more time indoors (ie in the stables, at indoor events).

Consequently, we would like to remind the equestrian community that the Horse Health Requirements put in place by the FEI and in accordance with Art. 1027 and 1029 of the FEI 2023 Veterinary Regulations, since 1 January 2022, are a crucial preventative biosecurity tool, and it is of utmost importance that these requirements are consistently applied by all.

All information in relation to the Horse Health Requirements is available on the dedicated Horse Health Requirements hub.